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University of New York in Prague
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Nicole Severin


Nicole studies Communication & Mass Media bachelor’s degree

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Edel Sanders


Edel is Chair of Psychology Department at UNYP

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Martin Pavlíček


Martin graduated from UNYP, is the Managing Director at Havas PR

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Two diplomas

Graduates have the opportunity to obtain two university diplomas at once: American accredited and European accredited. This means their degree is internationally recognized.

Roots in the USA

Established in 1998 in cooperation with the State University of New York, New Paltz, and State University of New York Empire State College, University of New York in Prague offers bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs in English to students from all around the world.

Perfect conditions for personal growth

Our main goal is to enable students to learn in an enjoyable way they will benefit from in the future. We introduce them to a wide range of academic disciplines, prepare them to master the techniques of critical thinking, and show them the power of teamwork. We do not want to turn people into robots who cram information only to recite them mindlessly; UNYP is about experience and the possibility to learn from anybody as well as teach anybody you meet.

Comfort comes first

Apart from offering our students exceptional education, we also offer exceptional comfort. We want the students to feel good in the classrooms, the library (where they can study or write various seminar papers), as well as in the place they live. This is why we have built a residence with new, fully furnished apartments that house up to 120 students, with a café and a restaurant. Located only a one-minute walk from UNYP’s campus, the residence is the most convenient accommodation for our students: they do not have to commute and can get to school really fast.

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When studying is not enough

Many students and lecturers enjoy being part of UNYP community so much that they choose to participate in other activities outside traditional schoolwork. The UNYP Student Council is one of these extracurricular activities – it serves as a bridge and point of contact between students and lecturers as well as university administration. The Student Council team organizes parties and other social events, while introducing the students to a wide range of student clubs. Everyone can choose what they enjoy and share their passion with other students with similar tastes. One of the most interesting student clubs is the UNYP TV project, a multimedia channel for UNYP students.

International university

There are currently over 800 students from over 60 countries, who – along with a group of international lecturers – form a unique and inspirational community. All of our classes take place in small groups to make sure everyone has the opportunity to speak up and tell their own opinion.