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Zuzana Fellegi


Zuzana Fellegi is an expert on International Relations and Law

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Hunter Andrews


Hunter studies Humanities, Society and Culture bachelor’s degree

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Soňa Krausová


Soňa works as a Project Leader for Central Europe at DuPont

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Friendly relationships

Even though the university is literally packed with successful people, we do not care about formality that much. It is very common that lecturers add their students on social networking sites and maintain friendly contact. The renovated baroque premises are ideal for meet-ups, the on-campus café offers great refreshments, and the perfectly equipped library provides the right inspirational atmosphere.

Learning foreign language

As the name of the school suggests, all lectures are held in English. Jansen Reichl, the institution’s forefather, pioneered the idea that the best way to learn a foreign language is to learn in it. Students from over 70 countries of the world and a unique accreditation granted by an American accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education suggest that this approach is more than effective. This ranks AAU among schools with international reputation.

Endless possibilities

Studies in English opens doors for students to a number of multinational corporations in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Those graduates of undergraduate programs of study who are eager to continue in their studies can do so by either applying to one of our graduate programs here at AAU, or by applying to a university abroad.

Innovation Hub

School is opened to the public through a series of seminars, lectures, and debates. Sharing information, knowledge and discussing important topics are school's top priority. 

WSCUC accreditation

AAU is the first university in Europe, which was accredited by the American WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), which means that our diplomas are internationally recognized as studies in the USA or Great Britain.

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Different cultures

The possibilities after graduation are not the only diverse thing in here. The international spirit of AAU attracts students from all around the world and gives them space for mutual cultural enrichment. Around 20% of students are Czech. All the students have the opportunity to visit another country, whether through the Erasmus program, or through our partner institutions outside the EU.

Various fields of study

Anglo-American University is mostly associated with business-related studies such as business administration. However, the institution offers programs of study that will attract a broader spectrum of applicants: undergraduate programs in journalism, international relations, humanities, and even visual art studies. The icing on the cake are our Bachelor of Laws Undergraduate and Graduate programs provided by the University of London; our alumni can then find employment in the field of justice in Anglo-Saxon judicial systems.